Do you believe that your thoughts create your reality?

Heidi in Maleny

Heidi in Maleny

I would like to share a story with you.

When I noticed the lump in my neck as I was travelling around Australia, I felt this incredible feeling of hopelessness, but I also knew in the back of my mind that it could be overcome.  As my mind played a game of tug-o-war I said “please God, just give me the strength and support I need.”  After I asked that question, I sat in Bruce and continued with whatever needed to be done, knowing that my prayers would be answered.

The next morning, I was up nice and early with a fundraising stall at the Caloundra Markets.  As I had been sitting there for about half an hour, a little old lady dressed from hat to toe in lavender walked up to me and started off on a friendly rant “by you surrounding yourself with all this cancer business, you are inviting it into your life.  Avoid the word, avoid thinking about it, don’t associate yourself with it.  There is a cure for cancer, there are many cures for cancer.  I will never donate money.”  She then handed me a little bit of paper with her name and phone number and said, “come and see me in the Mountains and I will tell you all about it”.  With my intuition nodding its head at everything she was saying, I placed her details in my handbag.

The next morning, I picked up my phone and arranged to drive into Maleny to visit her.  Interestingly, I had no caravan park arrangements for that evening, so I was free as a bird and figured why not?

When I arrived, Heidi ushered Bruce into the driveway and then we went into the house to talk.  A little German lady in her 80s, she loved to talk.  She was kind enough to share her experience during World War II, some of her shocking family history, and her journey to enlightenment.

As we were sitting there talking, people would fleet through the house, all interesting with different circumstances and stories to share.  One lady who came through, Kaelana, a spiritual lady who lives in the little eco village, Crystal Waters, shared some stories about her work with EFT.  Being very familiar with Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and knowing how powerful it is, I organised to visit her the next day for a session.

As I left Heidi’s house the next morning I was already running late and a little flustered.  It was about a 40 minute drive in the country, with no reception and hardly anything around.  Driving along I was looking for the tiny sign to Crystal Waters, but I noticed it too late and couldn’t stop in time.  Even more flustered, I turned down the next street and did a U-Turn, but as the road was so incredibly narrow I ended up getting Bruce’s back tyres stuck in a ditch.  How could I be so foolish? In 10 months of driving with Bruce I had never made such a silly mistake.

Blocking off the entire road, albeit tiny with no traffic, I started walking towards the nearest house where I could see a young girl playing violin on the verandah.  “Excuse me” I yelled, “is there anyone that can please help me? My van is stuck in the ditch.”  Looking at me bewildered, she went to get her mum and grandmother who walked over to me.  As they wandered over, a man with a big Hilux ute pulled in from the main road and said “you look stuck love, let me help you” and whilst he started pulling Bruce out, I spoke to the ladies who asked me about for Cruisin 4 a Cure.  Within seconds Bruce had been set free and the grandmother walked over to me and handed me a book called ‘A pocket full of gold’.  “I cured myself of cancer”, she whispered to me, “I have a library with all the information you need, just one street down.”  I looked at her with the widest eyes and took the book and said thank-you.  I told her I had to rush off to an appointment, but I would be back.

I didn’t realise at the time that my words weren’t the truth.  After visiting Kaelana and having a powerful experience and great discussion about natural cancer cures, I jumped back in Bruce to visit the library.  I drove around in circles and could not find it.  I was perplexed.  After about 20 minutes I decided it was time to go as I had a deadline in Bribie Island, but I was unsatisfied.

Over time I read the book and I was just absolutely astounded at this woman and her incredible journey.  Not only has she twice cured herself of cancer, but people with cancer have been drawn to her and have strangely appeared on her doorstep (like me), and she has offered them support and in many cases helped them to cure themselves too.  She uses the incredible healing power of the mind and also nature’s gifts to cure.  I am still determined to go back to the Sunshine Coast, find her little library and thank her for sharing her fascinating and inspiring story with me.

But, the real powerful part of the story for me, is what you can attract when you put a need or intention out into the Universe.  This experience is not an unusual one for me, it happens all the time, and I have also manifested so many things in my life by using the same principle.

You may have heard of the term ‘The Law of Attraction’ or perhaps you have taken an interest in the mind-boggling ‘Quantum Mechanics’.  The very, very basic premise of each is that they are theories on energy, and they show that everything is made up of energy, and that energy can create and attract energy.

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” – Niels Bohr

I love the way that Pam Grout simplifies it Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.  One of my gurus, Pam Grout, has released a New York Times Bestselling book called E-Squared which has 9 Do-It-Yourself experiments that show you that your thoughts really do create your reality.  I am half way through the 9 experiments at the moment, and whilst I have always known this to be true, I still find my jaw dropping to the floor as I complete each experiment.

It shows us the incredible power and potential we have to shape our lives and also provides so much hope and empowerment.

I truly recommend this book for absolutely everyone.

Hay House, Inc.

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