Meeting my hinterland hero


A few weeks back I blogged about my incredible experience where the Universe seemed to open up for me and I ended up at the doorstep of a lady who had healed her cancer naturally.  She handed me her book and told me to come back to visit her library, but I was unable to find it.

This was last year in October, and I have spent the last twelve months imagining the moment that I found her library.

As fate would have it, my amazing ‘travelling family’ whom I met whilst I was Cruisin 4 a Cure, were having a holiday in Noosa and invited me to crash their party.  As I was excited about lazy days on the beach and a visit to Eumundi Market, I realised that Christabel and her library weren’t too far away.

On Saturday, Lyndal and I visited the hinterlands and drove out to find the library.  We drove for about an hour and a half and then I recognised the town as soon as we drove into it and said “this is it”.  We looked for the library but once again were unable to find it, and decided to stop in the General Store and ask about it.  He directed us to her house which is where her library is and made our way back there.

Much to my disappointment she wasn’t home, so I wrote her a note and left it under a rock on her front door step.

That evening I received a phone call from Christabel and she asked if I could come back on Monday, which I did.

Driving there on Monday I was full of emotions, every few kilometres tears would stream down my face as I realised that I was really meeting this lady and that I would be provided with yet another surge of hope.

Lately I have found it very difficult to remain as positive, as I have heard of more people passing from cancer than thriving.  Not only that, but the negativity I am offered from my Doctor and the general resistance I receive from people day to day is a challenge to deal with.

Seeing Christabel is not only about meeting an incredible woman who has healed herself, but also helped so many people overcome cancer.

When I finally arrived there I was greeted with huge open arms and it felt like we had known each other for years.  She showed me around her beautiful, quirky and creative home and then took me into the library.  We spoke about my history and the events that led me to her the first time, and we spoke about her book.

Christabel has helped many cancer patients, even terminal and almost on their last breath, turn their health around.  She works with the incredible power of the mind and what she calls ‘divine essence’ which is the incredible healing we breathe in with each deep breath.  One of the most powerful things we spoke about was the importance of focusing on healing and health rather than cancer and ill health.  A topic I’ve spoken about many times before, the law of attraction.

“What you resist, persists.”  – Carl Jung

In the time I was there we not only spoke, but she gave me an energy healing and she also read my eyes.  Christabel is also an iridologist, where she is able to determine a body’s health by looking at patterns, colours and characteristics on one’s iris.  I have had this a few times in my life and I have always been surprised by the outcomes.

The main thing that Christabel noticed in my eyes was that I have “dirty bowels”…gross! She suggested that I may have parasites and should do a parasite cleanse.  Something that is surprisingly not uncommon.

She also said that my adrenals are very overworked and exhausted, and this came as no surprise to me as I have been very stressed of late.  Spirulina was recommended to support the adrenals.

My pancreas was showing that it needed a little bit of help, and I was also showing signs of anemia, something else that wasn’t new to me.

Overall, however, she said that I was looking like I was in pretty good shape.  Finally some positive news!

After five hours, it was time for me to leave.  I didn’t feel like I was saying goodbye though and knew that we would continue on this journey together.  I was so grateful and felt so elated after my visit, and also pleased to have some new practices to put in place.

I will keep you updated on the parasites….eek!

Christabel also gave me a few copies of her amazing book called A Pocket Full of Gold that are available for $20 each.  Please send me a message via the contact form if you are interested.

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